Inner Development Goals 20: Courage

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20. Courage

Ability to stand up for values, make decisions, take decisive action and, if need be, challenge and disrupt existing structures and views.

Courage is yet another IDG that cannot easily be regarded as a skill, but which is still a quality that can be nurtured and developed through a range of strategies. We have here subsumed a couple of related qualities: the courage to advocate convictions, the capacity to go from ideas to actually making decisions, and the propensity to engage in decisive actions in order to achieve tangible results. Courage also entails the willingness to challenge and disrupt deeply ingrained patterns, views and practices in order to open up possibilities for creativity and change. Courage alone is, of course, not necessarily a positive capability, but needs to be guided by benevolence, complexity awareness and commitment to the good of the whole.

Inner Development Goals 21: Creativity

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