Inner Development Goals 18: Trust

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18. Trust

Ability to show trust and to create and maintain trusting relationships.

We included trust in the framework even though trust often is understood as an outcome, rather than a skill or a basic attitude. Naïve trust can be very problematic, not least when working with highly contested issues. However, there are skills involved in the trust dimension: approaching other people with an ambition to create as much trust as possible, considering the circumstances; acting in ways that inspire trust (by being transparent, conveying benevolence, being reliable, etc.) and continually deal with events with consideration for building and maintaining trust. However, skillfulness in getting other people to trust oneself can be used for both good and destructive purposes, so skills in creating trust need to be linked to other skills and qualities, such as empathy, compassion and benevolence.

Trust is linked with Integrity and Authenticity, Communication skills and Co-creation skills.

Inner Development Goals 19: Mobilization skills

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