Inner Development Goals 16: Co-creation skills

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16. Co-creation skills

Skills and motivation to build, develop and facilitate collaborative relationships with diverse stake-holders, characterized by psychological safety and genuine co-creation.

The choice of the term «co-creation skills» was made after extensive conversations in different constellations. In the first survey, «collaboration» was mentioned very often, but we eventually opted for «co-creation», because the term emphasises the creative and generative aspect of collaboration. Obviously co-creation skills cover a large number of sub-skills and overlap with several other skills and qualities in the IDG framework, such as Trust, Communication skills, Inclusive mindset and Intercultural competence, Mobilization skills, Openness and Learning mindset and Perspective skills (for a detailed analysis of collaboration micro-skills, see Dawson 2020-2021). The focus here is skills in creating favourable conditions for and facilitating productive collaboration and co-creation. Sub-skills include skills in creating an open climate characterized by trust and psychological safety; leading meetings in ways that structure the work process through shared focus, encourage creativity and openness to diverse input; and deconstruct power dynamics that hinder open and creative collaboration.

We chose not to separately list change management skills, which was mentioned several times in the survey, but the concept certainly merits specific attention when designing competence development programs.

Again, there is a very large literature relevant to co-creation, not least regarding facilitation and methods for managing complex issues.

Inner Development Goals 17: Inclusive mindset and Intercultural competence

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