Inner Development Goals 11: Appreciation

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11. Appreciation

Relating to others and to the world with a basic sense of appreciation, gratitude and joy.

Appreciation is not a skill in a traditional sense, but a mode of relating
to people and the social, material and natural worlds that can be strengthened by effort. A basic appreciative attitude is helpful in building connection to and trust between people, and thus conducive to creative and collaborative work performance. Several survey respondents mentioned the importance of valuing and appreciating nature, as a basis for feeling commitment to protect the natural environment from harm. There are reasons to believe that there is a link between later stages in adult development and the propensity and capacity to be anchored in an appreciative attitude (Cook-Greuter, 1999). The less someone is concerned with defending an ego conception and be absorbed with very pre-defined projects and ideas, the easier it is to appreciate positive qualities in various situations one finds oneself in.

Gratitude and joy were also mentioned relatively frequently in the survey responses. These are qualities that probably have subtle effects in inspiring other people, shifting attention from depressing realities to that which is worthy of gratitude and appreciation, thereby mobilizing energy for creative engagement.

Appreciation is related to Humility, Openness and Learning mindset and Presence, and can be an important factor for Mobilization skills.

Inner Development Goals 12: Connectedness

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