Inner Development Goals 13: Humility

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13. Humility

Being able to act in accordance with the needs of the situation, without concern for ones own importance.

Humility here means the capacity to act without concern for looking good in the eyes of others or of oneself. The stance of humility is here understood to be a consequence of not being (overly) identified with a certain self-image and a need to be confirmed in that self-image by others. This may be a consequence of a realistic and accepting awareness of one’s own limitations and other personality properties. Being more or less without a need to uphold a certain ego image means that when one acts, one can fully focus on the needs of the situation, rather than being preoccupied with projecting a certain image of oneself, e.g. as an expert. This makes it easier to be open, sensitive and respectful in relation to others.

Humility is related to Openness and Learning mindset, Self-awareness, Connectedness, Empathy and Compassion, Presence and Inclusive mindset and Intercultural competence.

Inner Development Goals 14: Empathy and Compassion

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