Inner Development Goals: 3. Openness and Learning mindset

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3. Openness and Learning mindset

Having a basic mindset of curiosity and a willingness to be vulnerable and embrace change and grow.

A capacity to be open to learning, reevaluation and be curious about alternative ways of perceiving and interpreting various issues requires a self that has a considerable measure of robustness. If one’s sense of self-regard is dependent on identification with a certain self-image or if one’s sense of safety is linked to a need to defend a certain set of beliefs and values, there is probably a need for having psychological defense mechanisms that might inhibit the capacity for remaining open and curious when encountering unfamiliar or diverging views or events.

Openness and a learning mindset is therefore not to be regarded solely as a skill that can be trained, but is intimately linked to adult development processes involving the whole self. Openness is also one of the personality traits included in the Big Five framework.

In the survey some respondents listed qualities that can be linked with the capacity for openness, such as tolerance for ambiguity/uncertainty/ discomfort, having a growth mindset and willingness to let go (of existing patterns).

Openness and Learning mindset is strongly related to Critical thinking, Complexity awareness, Perspective skills, Humility, Creativity and Communication skills.

Inner Development Goals: 4. Self-awareness

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